My Big Ben Project

My project is about Big Ben and I hope you enjoy it. I worked all night to do it but it was really fun. I wanted to do it on a website to be famous.

First we found out the facts on a Microsoft computer and I typed them in.

I hope you like the pictures.

How many steps does Big Ben have?

Big ben has 334 steps to the top.

What is Big Ben?

The bell is called big ben. Big ben is the giant bell in the belfry of the clock tower at the palace of Westminster.

How old is big ben?

He was cast on 10thapril 1851, so he’s 165 years old.

How much does the clock weigh?

The clock weighs 5 tons which is the same as 5 polar bears.

Who designed big ben?

Charles Barry who designed the palace asked architect Augustus Pugin to design the clock tower.

What does it look like inside the tower?

How far away can big ben be heard?

You can hear big ben from 5 miles.

How often does big ben chime?

Big ben chimes every hour. There are other bells in the tower witch chime every 15 minutes

Are there any other Big Bens?

Big Ben is my Daddy’s brother ben and he makes rice